You will be required to produce a current (within 3 months) Original Police Clearance Certificate or waiting receipt during interview in case you are shortlisted

Job Title : Ground Water Development & Quality Officer

Reporting to : WASH & Construction Advisor

Grade Level : 15

Work Location : Nairobi

Purpose of Position

Provide overall conducting and coordination of Hydrogeological Investigations, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments & Environmental Audits and Water Quality Monitoring for all World Vision Kenya WASH & Construction projects.

Major Responsibilities

Technical coordination 30%

  • Provide technical support on groundwater issues and matters relating to managing the groundwater resources across the country in various communities and government agency (WRMA).
  • Provide technical support during field infrastructure monitoring trips in World Vision Program areas
  • Provide technical support to the fundraising team during proposal development
  • Support the WASH and Construction Advisor in ensuring that the unit plans are rolled out as per targets.
  • Ensure that drilling and equipping work is done in compliance with community needs, donor’s requirements, WV and government policies and standards;
  • Coordinate the collection of log samples at 2-meter intervals; and do a comprehensive geological logging.
  • Prepare ToR for equipping and forward to WASH & Construction Advisor to approve
  • Ensure timely response to audit queries
  • Supporting WASH team in quarterly reviews and experience sharing meetings with the regions

Hydrogeological Investigations 25%

  • Undertake hydrogeological investigations for all the APs and grants with borehole drilling activities or coordinate the same in the event it’s outsourced to third parties.
  • Compile WRA compliant hydrogeological investigation reports and submitting them on time to WRA to enable timely issuance of drilling permits for scheduled drilling operations in program areas.
  • Reviewing hydrogeological investigation reports from field compiled by contracted consultants.
  • Compile, analyze and conduct evaluation of hydrogeological/ geophysical data and modelling of ground water flow and geological formations using advanced computer software (Interpex 1x1D v3.5).
  • Develop implementation guidelines on Hydrogeological surveys and drilling for use by field staff while undertaking groundwater development
  • Plan and carry out geophysical investigations in areas/APs requiring the construction and development of boreholes, geophysical investigation for foundations for big constructions s and civil works for water supply structures.
  • Develop quarterly Plans for HGS planned by the APs and grants
  • Conducting site confirmation investigations on proposed borehole drilling sites. This is to help the drilling team achieve high wet drilling success rates. This applies to cases where the investigations are outsourced

Environmental & Social Impact Audits & Environmental Assessment 25%

  • Conduct EIA/ESIA studies in World Vision Kenya program areas or coordinate the conducting of the same where third parties have been outsourced.
  • Developing guidelines to be used in engaging external consultants to do HGS, and EIA/ESIA assignments for World Visions
  • Conducting EIA/ESIA studies and reporting for all World Vision infrastructure projects as supported by WVK in all Area Programme (APs) in Kenya as per NEMA requirement.
  • Reviewing EIA/ESIA studies conducted by contracted service providers
  • Review of ESIA reports for WVK supported projects and submit to NEMA for approval and follow-up on issuance of licenses.
  • Ensure compliance with Environmental legislation and keep up to date with technological and legislative developments
  • Ensure Environmental Management Plans are implemented for all infrastructure projects in liaison with all relevant stakeholders and ADPs
  • Reviewing statutory requirements/documents for issuance of NEMA Licenses.
  • Advising on steps and actions to mitigate potential or existing negative impacts of development activities.
  • Validation of EIA/ESIA reports for World Vision Kenya before submission to NEMA

Water Quality Monitoring 10%

  • Develop WVK Water Safety Plan
  • Provide support and monitoring to the APs for Water Sources and Point of Use Water Quality Monitoring
  • Provide capacity building for WASH staff on Water Quality Monitoring
  • Undertake extensive research and advise WVK on procurement of Water Quality Monitoring kits and methods in adherence to WHO and KEBS standards

Government Engagement 5%

  • Networking with national government and county officials
  • Establishing cordial working relationships between World Vision, other stakeholders and government agencies in Water Resources Authority (WRA) and National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA)
  • Networking with professionals in the industry to utilize latest technological developments

Any other responsibility as assigned by the supervisor 5%

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Bachelor of Science – Geology, Environmental Science
  • Must have worked as a hydrogeologist for at least 5 years
  • Must be a registered NEMA lead expert in Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit IA/EA
  • Must have worked as an Associate Environmental Expert for at least 5 years
  • Certificate in Environmental Science – EIA/EA
  • Knowledge in GIS applications
  • Ability to conduct Vertical Electrical Sounding and data interpretation
  • Excellent report writing skills

License, registration, or certification required

  • Registered professional member of Geologists registration board (GRB)
  • Registered Individual Water consultant – Hydrogeology category with Ministry of Water and Irrigation
  • Registered Lead Expert EIA/EA by National Environmental Management Authority in the Ministry of Environment and Natural resources

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