Understanding the UNOPS Rosters


To find the very best talent

We strive for excellence at UNOPS! We work in challenging environments around the world and best serve people in need by filling business critical roles rapidly.
In order to strengthen capacity to meet future needs for new colleagues, UNOPS has an ambitious and proactive recruitment approach: the rosters. These rosters are pools of assessed candidates who can be recruited in an efficient manner once a vacancy arises for a business critical role. Roster members will be considered first for external vacancies.
If you qualify for one of our rosters, you could be hired to make a difference with a UNOPS initiative in countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Iraq.

Types of UNOPS rosters and how they work:

We have established a number of global rosters for international
senior contract positions. UNOPS is looking for candidates who are internationally mobile and who could accept a job offer from us within
the next 12 to 18 months.
The process to qualify is as follows:
1. You should submit your application on time to the right roster.
2. A seasoned panel will review your application and, if found suitable,
you will be invited to complete assessments specific to the role.
3. If successful, we will conduct a reference check with at least two references from your most recent positions.
4. An independent internal committee will then review
the assessment/recruitment process.
5. You will be notified of the results and, if successful, will become a roster member.

Being a member of a UNOPS roster means:

• You will be considered first for external recruitments.
• You will be regarded as a unique asset from a limited pool of candidates.
• As a member you will remain on the roster for a duration of up to 3 years.

Ever wonder why descriptions for rosters are so generic?

For rosters, we recruit people with a specific skill-set that is applicable to
a wide variety of projects at duty stations around the world. Each request
for recruitment from a roster outlines specifics on the project, including location and tasks. We welcome your talent and encourage you to apply
to join our rosters!
If you have any questions on UNOPS rosters, please contact