BATCH (2 positions): Education Officer (NOA), Kandahar, Afghanistan, #119986 and #119987 (for Afghan Nationals Only)

Supply & Logistics Associate, (GS-6), Temporary Appointment, Mazar-I-Sharif, Afghanistan, #119988

Consultancy: Business and Community Resilience Coordinator (11 Months), ROSA, Kathmandu

Human Resource Officer, (NOB), ROSA, Kathmandu, Nepal #18717

National Consultancy – Immunization programme (full time) (Sri Lankan nationals only) – Re Advertisement

Nutrition Officer, NO-A, Fixed Term, #90374, Dhaka, Bangladesh #550558 (For Bangladeshi Nationals Only)

Individual Consultancy (International) Cost of Inaction on Climate Change in Maldives.

Temporary Appointment: Programme Associate (Health), GS-6, Karachi, Pakistan # 120001(227 days)

National Consultancy: Baseline Assessment of Oxygen Therapy Readiness, Islamabad UNICEF Pakistan, Req # 550474,100 working days (For Pakistan Nationals Only)

Child Protection Specialist, P-3, Fixed-Term, #118228, Dhaka, Bangladesh #550546 (not for Bangladeshi nationals)

Re-Advertisement: Fund Raising Associate (Digital), G-6 (TA), New Delhi [This is a Temporary Appointment for 364 days]

Education Specialist, (NO-C), Fixed-Term, Kabul, Afghanistan, #90199

Vacancy Announcement – WASH Specialist, NOC (FT), Gandhinagar, India, SAR Post Number 52004 (This post is open only for Indian Nationals)

Human Resources Assistant, GS 5, (Temporary Appointment) New Delhi, South Asia Region (SAR), Post Number 119876 ( This vacancy is open for Indian Nationals only )

Internal/External Vacancy Notice: Programme Associate, GS-6, Temporary Appointment (Till end December 2022), Kathmandu, Nepal(Open to Nepalese Nationals Only)

Re-advertisement – Technology for Development Specialist, NOC FT, UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia (Open to Nepali Nationals only)

Health Officer, NO-B, Fixed Term, #98704, Dhaka, Bangladesh #550434 (For Bangladeshi Nationals Only)-Re-advertisement

Vacancy Announcement: Fundraising Specialist, NO-C (Fixed Term Appointment), Mumbai, South Asia Region (SAR), Post Number 63258

International Individual Contractor for Supporting ECO Zone Project- Kathmandu, UNICEF Nepal Country Office

Fund Raising Manager, (P-4), Rosa, Nepal (Out-posted in Dhaka- Bangladesh)

Corporate Alliances Specialist, (P-4), Kathmandu ROSA, Fixed Term

PSEA Programme Specialist, P-3, Temporary Appointment (364 days), #119856, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh #550256 (not for Bangladeshi nationals)

Fixed Term: Administrative Assistant (Transportation), GS-5, FT, Islamabad # 21553

Regional Adviser, Climate & Environment, P5, ROSA, Kathmandu, Nepal #103547

Education Officer, NO-B, Janakpur Field Office, Nepal #82445 (Open to Nepal Nationals Only)

Internal/External Vacancy Notice: Procurement Officer, NOB, Fixed Term Appointment, Kathmandu, Nepal. Post # 105518 (Open to Nepalese Nationals Only)

Internal/External Vacancy Notice: Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (Education), NOA, Fixed Term Appointment, Kathmandu, Nepal. Post # 119667 (Open to Nepalese Nationals Only)

International Consultant (Child Protection); Dhaka; Bangladesh (Not for Bangladeshi); Re-advertisement.

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