UNFPA Job Openings
(Multiple Duty Stations)
As of 16 September 2020

 Please click on the Job Title for job Description and to Apply


Post National: Gestionnaire de l’information en violence basée sur le genre (VBG),Kananga,RDC,G-63266229/09/2020
Post National: Gestionnaire de l’information en violence basée sur le genre (VBG),Kinshasa,RDC,G-73266329/09/2020
Procurement Associate- Tripoli, Libya326858/10/2020
Service Contract: Technical Officer, Gender, SB4, UNFPA Sub Office, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh326681/10/2020
RE-ADVERTISEMENT: National Post, Reproductive Health Commodity Security (RHCS) Coordinator, SB4, Kam3268330/09/2020
National Post: Programme Analyst, GBV/SRHR, SB4, Kyegegwa, Uganda3268430/09/2020
POSTE NATIONAL : Chargé de Programme Suivi et Evaluation, NOB, Conakry, Guinée323596/10/2020
Service Contract: Programme Associate, Gender, SB3, UNFPA County Office, Dhaka, Bangladesh326691/10/2020
NATIONAL POST: Admin/Finance Assistant, SB3 Based in Nampula3263430/09/2020
Accounts Associate, G-7, Revenue Unit, Finance Branch, Division for Management Services3258612/10/2020
Environmental Analyst – SE / PDAB326025/10/2020
Re-Advertisement – International Gender Based Violence (GBV) Specialist, Damascus, Syria, P-43260824/09/2020
International Consultant in the area of gynecology of adolescent girls, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan3255920/09/2020
Representative, El Salvador, P-5324008/10/2020
Representative, Eritrea, P-5323968/10/2020
International Consultant to providing technical assistance on quality improvement of RH services for3256020/09/2020
International Consultant to support the development of National Action Plan on Gender Equality in Tu3256220/09/2020
International Consultant to support the development of national legislation on family wellbeing (pre3256320/09/2020
National Consultant to develop content for booklets on multi-sectoral response to gender-based viole3256121/09/2020
Regional Security Specialist, Cairo, Egypt, Arab States Regional Office, P-43254818/09/2020
National Post : Programme Analyst-Gender and Human Rights, Rabat,Morocco3225016/09/2020

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