UN Job Openings
Professional Categories
As of 12 December 2020

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Job TitleLevelJob IDJob NetworkDuty stationDeadline
SENIOR POLITICAL AFFAIRS OFFICER P-5145547Political, Peace and HumanitarianNEW YORK24/01/2021
Human Rights Officer P-4145851Political, Peace and HumanitarianGENEVA24/01/2021
Programme Officer P-3145728Economic, Social and DevelopmentNEW YORK24/01/2021
Engineer P-3143689Logistics, Transportation and Supply ChainNEW YORK24/01/2021
Administrative Officer P-3146624Management and AdministrationBEIRUT9/1/2021
POLITICAL AFFAIRS OFFICER P-3146528Political, Peace and HumanitarianTINDOUF9/1/2021

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