UN Job Openings
Professional Categories
As of 31 October 2020

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Job TitleLevelJob IDJob NetworkDuty stationDeadline
PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER (HINDI)P-3140456Public Information and Conference ManagementNEW YORK14/12/2020
Economic Affairs OfficerP-4142914Economic, Social and DevelopmentBRASILIA13/12/2020
Training OfficerP-3139360Management and AdministrationENTEBBE13/12/2020
Investment OfficerP-3144032Management and AdministrationNEW YORK13/12/2020
Associate Information Systems OfficerP-2143838Information and Telecommunication TechnologyNEW YORK13/12/2020
Programme Coordinator (Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants)P-4143668Economic, Social and DevelopmentBANGUI28/11/2020
SECURITY ADVISERP-4144076Internal Security and SafetyALGIERS_ISC13/11/2020

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