UN Job Openings
Professional & Higher Categories
As of 24 December 2020

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Job TitleLevelJob IDJob NetworkDuty stationDeadline
CHIEF OF MISSION SUPPORT D-1147358Management and AdministrationKHARTOUM5/2/2021
Director UNOCC – CHIEF OF SERVICE, POLITICAL AFFAIRS D-1146812Political, Peace and HumanitarianNEW YORK5/2/2021
Humanitarian Affairs Officer P-4146900Political, Peace and HumanitarianMULTIPLE DUTY STATIONS5/2/2021
Legal Officer P-3147095LegalNEW YORK5/2/2021
EXTERNAL RELATIONS OFFICER (Resource mobilisation) P-3146743Public Information and Conference ManagementGENEVA5/2/2021
EXTERNAL RELATIONS OFFICER (Resource mobilisation) P-3146748Public Information and Conference ManagementGENEVA5/2/2021
LIAISON OFFICER P-3147098Political, Peace and HumanitarianCALI21/01/2021

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