UN Job Openings
Professional & General Services Categories
As of 23 October 2020

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Job TitleLevelJob IDJob NetworkDuty stationDeadline
Language Teacher, French LT-1142834Management and AdministrationGENEVA20/11/2020
Computer Information Systems Assistant (.NET Deployment Team Leader) G-7143515Information and Telecommunication TechnologyVIENNA20/11/2020
Computer Information Systems Assistant (.NET Web Software Architect) G-7143649Information and Telecommunication TechnologyVIENNA20/11/2020
Senior Administrative Assistant G-7143134Management and AdministrationADDIS ABABA20/11/2020
Senior Human Resources Assistant G-7142791Management and AdministrationNEW YORK20/11/2020
Staff Assistant G-6143228Management and AdministrationNEW YORK20/11/2020
Programme Assistant G-6142370Management and AdministrationNEW YORK20/11/2020
PUBLIC INFORMATION ASSISTANT G-6140513Public Information and Conference ManagementNEW YORK20/11/2020
Programme Management Assistant G-5143530Economic, Social and DevelopmentGENEVA20/11/2020
PROPERTY MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT G-5142118Logistics, Transportation and Supply ChainGENEVA20/11/2020
TEAM ASSISTANT G-4143219Management and AdministrationJUBA5/11/2020
Senior Humanitarian Affairs Officer/Deputy Head of Office P-5143547Political, Peace and HumanitarianMaiduguri5/12/2020
TRAINING OFFICER P-4141347Management and AdministrationNEW YORK5/12/2020
Risk Officer P-3143697Economic, Social and DevelopmentNEW YORK5/12/2020
Finance and Budget Officer P-3142575Management and AdministrationNEW YORK5/12/2020
POLITICAL AFFAIRS OFFICER P-3141985Political, Peace and HumanitarianNEW YORK5/12/2020
Public Information Officer P-3143354Public Information and Conference ManagementSANA’A5/12/2020
PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER P-3143223Economic, Social and DevelopmentADDIS ABABA20/11/2020
Deputy Security Adviser P-4142298Internal Security and SafetyKINSHASA5/11/2020
SECURITY ADVISER P-4143452Internal Security and SafetyYANGON5/11/2020
FIELD SECURITY COORDINATION OFFICER P-3143448Internal Security and SafetySITTWAY (SITTWE)5/11/2020

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