UN Job Openings
General Services Category
As of 06 November 2020

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Job TitleLevelJob IDJob NetworkDuty stationDeadline
Administrative Assistant G-5144247Management and AdministrationBANGKOK5/12/2020
FINANCE AND BUDGET ASSISTANT (Multiple Posts) G-4143063Management and AdministrationNAIROBI4/12/2020
Assistant to the Resident Coordinator G-6144404Management and AdministrationBANJUL18/11/2020
Assistant to the Resident Coordinator G-6144365Management and AdministrationDUSHANBE18/11/2020
Assistant to the Resident Coordinator G-6144402Management and AdministrationKINGSTON18/11/2020
Assistant to the Resident Coordinator G-6144400Management and AdministrationLIMA18/11/2020
Assistant to the Resident Coordinator G-6144361Management and AdministrationNur-Sultan18/11/2020
Assistant to the Resident Coordinator G-6144363Management and AdministrationSAN JOSE18/11/2020
Assistant to the Resident Coordinator G-6144401Management and AdministrationSANTO DOMINGO18/11/2020
Assistant to the Resident Coordinator G-6144406Management and AdministrationTEHERAN18/11/2020

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