UN Job Opening

Posting Period: 23 April 2019 – 22 May 2019

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Abdul Hadi Mahmoud Saleh

    Hello I have a desire to apply for this job and I have experience in this area.the

    information : –

    Military officer

    A former colonel of the Iraqi army

    Currently Dean of Peshmerga

    Category: – Administrative Officer Specialization: – Relocation and mobilization of human resources

    36 years effective service

    Role (68) Military College Baghdad, 1984

    (19) College of Leadership in 1992

    Graduated from the basic course of human resources in 1996.

    The course of administration and implementation of senior leadership under the supervision of US forces in 2011.

    Breed: – 10/11/1963 – Iraqi

    Housing: – Iraq – Kirkuk

    And I can work with you according to all circumstances and any place of the world for the experience of the specialist and my desire to work hard to work with you .. Thank you for your cooperation. Respect me

    1. UNJobAid Admin

      Please note that this job is a G grade, it means it is open only for Lebanese nationals

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