Our human resources coordinators provide essential expertise to ensure that our staff are happy in their work.

As a human resources coordinator with MSF you will undertake one of the most diverse and challenging roles within the project team. Whether going out to the projects to provide training and support for the HR field staff, or working in the capital developing a national staff HR policy, MSF human resources coordinators provide the essential technical expertise to ensure that our staff enjoy a safe and fair workplace.

Your skills in cross-cultural human resource management and communication will be essential, as this role involves supporting both international and local staff. You will also liaise with local authorities and service providers in relation to all HR matters, complying with local labour laws.The role involves long hours and hard work, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to work closely with staff across all nationalities.REENA SATTAR, MSF HUMAN RESOURCES COORDINATORSHARE


Our human resources coordinators often work in the capital, managing administration teams in all the projects in that country. It’s a diverse and stimulating role and you would be responsible for some or all of the following:


  • Implement internal communication policies and ensure HR reporting
  • Find the best options to avoid and/or resolve labour conflicts in the project
  • Update the project’s organisational chart and job descriptions, assisting with preparing annual holiday planning and staff shifts in order to forecast HR needs
  • Ensure that remuneration based on the national salary structure is accurate and fair
  • Plan, supervise and perform HR processes such as recruitment, training, briefings, evaluation and development of staff
  • Ensure that hiring, contract amendment and termination formalities for project staff are carried out in accordance with local labour laws
  • Supervise/perform payroll procedures, ensuring that all data related to monthly salary calculations are entered correctly and that payments are made in a timely manner
  • Manage logistical and administrative aspects of the arrival, accommodation, moving and departureof all project staff
  • Train, supervise and manage the administrative team as well as assisting with the staff management of all departments

Depending on our activities and needs, your responsibilities may be adapted according to the specific projects.

You will not face these challenges alone; other MSF team members (both international and locally hired staff) will provide technical support, including comprehensive guidelines and protocols.


  • Minimum of two years’ relevant work experience in finance and human resources
  • IT skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Fluency in English and/or French
  • Available for a minimum of six months
  • Commitment to MSF’s work and values
  • Strong team player
  • Willingness to work in all kinds of contexts worldwide, including unstable areas
  • Adaptable and able to work in a multicultural team
  • Flexible and able to cope with high levels of stress
  • Self-driven with a solution-oriented approach
  • Ability to train others
  • People-oriented with a diplomatic approach


  • Degree in finance, business, management or human resources
  • Bioforce diploma, Swiss federal vocational diploma (CFC) or specialised certificate
  • Fluency in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or Russian
  • Experience working with MSF or another NGO
  • People management experience
  • Experience working in developing countries

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