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Job Description


Under the supervision of the general coordinator, you are the head of the logistics department and you will be responsible for all aspects of the department.

More specifically, your responsibilities are to:

1. Logistics coordination
-Lead the development of the country program logistics strategy and ensure its timely implementation
-Define and implement logistics processes and tools, ensure that everyone is trained and respects them
-Assist fields in scheduling all logistics activities
-Provide input on logistics matters to the coordination team for proposal and report writing 
-Be responsible for all communication related to logistics issues with HQ logistics department

2. Program activities
-Perform the role of technical adviser and take final responsibility for all logistical tasks 
-Be responsible for the appropriate selection, installation, use and maintenance of equipment 
-Support and assist field’s technical choices for the various logistical areas
-Take part in any assessment as per required
-Develop and maintain good network of contacts to facilitate emergency responses and provide logistics support as per needed

3. Procurement supply chain & stock management
-Be in charge of the implementation, follow-up and respect of logistics procedures 
-Develop a coherent procurement strategy that takes into consideration MdM’s Procurement Policy, donor requirements, project duration and needs, lead time and delivery constraints
-Ensure active monitoring of the purchasing process 
-Ensure the respect of stock management process following MdM procedure
-Ensure the existence and maintenance of a supplier database and develop robust local supplier relationships at national level
-Ensure systems mitigate risks from corruption and insecurity at mission level

4. Team management
-Be responsible for the line management of logistics staff 
-Facilitate the communication within the logistics component of the team and between the different members of the team on logistics issues
-Be responsible for the technical support and the capacity building of all field logisticians

5. Security
-Under delegation of the general coordinator, be the security focal point for a specific period of time
-Participate in the development, review, implementation and monitoring of MdM’s security measures in-country
-Monitor the security context and provide guidance to teams and sites 
-Provide support and advise the coordination team to improve security management to project field sites
-Define, implement and supervise the logistics aspects of the security pack

6. Meetings, representation and reporting
-Represent MdM with relevant external organisations and networks at national level
-Attend national logistics or security related external meetings 
-Consolidate logistics reporting and prepare monthly logistics report
-Organise regular meetings with the capital and fields logistics teams


Fixed-term contract
6 months

Starting date: December 2018
Location: Islamabad (with regular field visits to sites of intervention or assessment (30% of the time min))
Gross monthly salary: 2 763 euros
Premium equal to one month salary paid in two instalments – minimum of 6 months seniority required

Expatriation bonus (10% gross salary per month)
Transportation cost, vaccines and visas covered
22.5 RTT (recovery days) per year
5 weeks of paid leaves per year
Break policy
Health insurance (60% covered by MdM)
Insurance (repatriation…)
Médecins du Monde promotes trainings and internal mobility

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