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Market Study Consultant

Requisition ID: req2822

Job Title: Market Study Consultant

Sector: Economic Recovery & Livelihood

Employment Category: Consultant

Employment Type: Part-Time

Location: Lebanon

Job Description

Goals of the study:

The study will serve the purpose of

  1. Assessing IRC ERD’s trainings sustainability
  2. Measuring the achievements of the program’s outcomes
  3. Generating recommendations to guide future programming

As such, the consultant is expected to answer the following key questions:

  1. How did the trainings help the households in mitigating their financial risks?
  2. How did the skills and inputs acquired through ERD services increase employability?
  3. How did the trainings affect the household’s economic security?
  4. How did the trainings contribute to the empowerment of women?
  5. How do the clients find the trainings received relevant to their needs and market demand? How do they reflect back on them?
  6. What are the trainings’ effects on the employers? How do the trainings match the market demand?
  7. How did the cluster intervention effect the different communities?
  8. What are the most significant change stories resulting from the trainings – with focus on vulnerable cases?


The consultant will be closely working with IRC‘s ERD department for facilitated access to project documents, verification sources, activity progress reports and other documents as needed.

The ERD program is interested in revisiting old clients who have benefitted for its service a year and two years ago in order to evaluate the sustainability of its services and get feedback on them. In addition, ERD would like to get feedback from other stakeholders as well.

The IRC encourages the consultant to include both quantitative and qualitative approaches when conducting the project’s evaluation, including but not limited to: key informant interviews, focus group discussions and data analysis on IRC’s M&E collected data for both baseline and endline surveying.

Data sources include IRC’s registered clients, served clients both with cash and non-cash services, employers, partner staff, municipality personnel, field staff, field supervisors and managers, field coordinators, ERD’s senior management and IRC’s departments’ heads or focal points should those be relevant to the needs of the evaluation.


  1. Workplan with timeline for the proposed study steps
  2. Final study report in English to include:
  3. Powerpoint presentation in English to be shared with ERD summarizing the findings and recommendations of the study
  4. Annexes:




Collection and review of the action’s documents – planning


Questionnaire development – coding – piloting




Data collection (surveys, FGDs, KIIs, etc.)


Analysis of ERD’s data sources and quantitative M&E data (Baseline and Outcome surveys, KFW comparison study, previous evaluation, primary data collected, literature review, etc.)


Report writing – presentation



  • At least 5 years of proven experience in similar studies and in using various research methodologies and data analysis
  • Previous experience in Livelihoods projects
  • Professionals experience in the design and implementation of livelihood or market studies
  • Proven knowledge and experience in applying participatory research methods and tool
  • Advanced degree in relevant field (e.g. Social Sciences, Economics, or any related technical field)
  • Good understanding of the Syrian Crisis (specifically the Syrian Crisis in Lebanon) and Humanitarian Standards
  • Familiarity with civil society and NGO engagement
  • Ability to work on tight schedules with minimal supervision
  • Excellent spoken and written English and Arabic


The evaluator will be working under the direct supervision of ERD’s M&E Manager with support from IRC’s MEAL Advisor. The final evaluation will be presented to ERD’s Senior Management.

The project evaluator will be supported to work from Ashrafieh or Mkalles, as per the needs, and will be expected to conduct visits to each IRC’s livelihoods center in Akkar, Tripoli and Mkalles.


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