Requisition ID: req10245

Job Title: Emergency WPE Women and Girls Safe Space (WGSS) Assistant

Sector: Women Protection & Empowerment

Employment Category: Fixed Term

Employment Type: Full-Time

Open to Expatriates: No

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Job Description

In the context of the IRC emergency response in Beirut affected areas, the main responsibility of the WGSS Assistant is to develop activity material and facilitate group activities ensuring they are inclusive and tailored to context, age and vulnerability type. She will also monitor the impact of activities and collects feedback from women and girls. 

Specific duties and responsibilities

Program Management

  • Facilitate group activities in the WGSS. 
  • Collaborate in the development of curricula, tools and other resources for WGSS activities. 
  • Design and implement activities tailored to age and vulnerability type. 
  • Identify delivery methods and languages that make activity content accessible to all members. 
  • Support the WGSS-based activities staff in identifying type of activities, session content as well as delivery methodology and material to keep the WGSS workplan relevant, up-to-date and innovative. 
  • Collaborate with one or more members to build their capacities in planning, coordinating and delivering group activities. 
  • Identify strategies to ensure that (as much as possible) activities are tailored to the context and promote inclusion of different population groups (ethnicities, religious, minorities, vulnerabilities, LGBTI, etc.).
  • Capture women’s and girls’ feedback on activities, schedule and methodologies used. 
  • Monitor the quality and impact of activities. 
  • Draft the WGSS workplan on a regular basis in collaboration with the WGSS-based activities staff 
  • Identify and implement strategies to promote inclusion and solidarity among women and girls. 
  • Support IEC material development. 
  • Review and incorporate activity feedback received by women and girls. 
  • Guarantee fairness of selection criteria and access to group activities. 


  • Regularly document WGSS activities and women and girls feedback sessions.
  • Participate in weekly reporting and planning meetings to ensure adherence to standards of care, quality case management, and reporting requirements are followed.


  • Take part in women’s forum meetings and advise activities accordingly.
  • Collaborate with other partners to ensure a fruitful and smooth field-level coordination.
  • Identify strategic collaboration and implement activities in collaboration with other service providers.
  • Meet with the outreach team to get information on trends, community dynamics, community acceptance, in order to modify activities and material accordingly.


  • Clear understanding of gender inequality and issues surrounding gender-based violence in an emergency context.
  • Demonstrates ability and commitment toward diversity and inclusion.
  • Dedication toward a healthy and supportive working environment.
  • Personal qualities: good listener, team player, flexible, network-builder, able to handle pressure well and work in cross-cultural setting.
  • Communication skills, with good understanding of relevant cross-cultural and sensitive issues.
  • Strict adherence to humanitarian, protection and GBV principles and standards, as well as organizational policies including Code of Conduct and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA).
  • Digital literacy, including Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Proficiency in Arabic and English is preferable.

Working Environment:

Travel and other requirements: Staff will be based in Beirut, with extensive field visits.

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