Requisition ID: req10381

Job Title: Basic English Trainer – Wadi Khaled

Sector: Economic Recovery & Livelihood

Employment Category: Consultant

Employment Type: Part-Time

Open to Expatriates: No

Location: Wadi Khaled, Lebanon

Job Description

Most Syrian refugee youths in Lebanon face barriers to accessing employment and are offered few skills-building opportunities as an alternative. These youths need a safe learning space that will equip them with tools to tackle these challenges and eventually earn a safe income, thereby helping them to rebuild their self-confidence.

In Lebanon, English or French with Arabic are taught from early years in school and education is compulsory from the age of 6 to age 14, corresponding to the basic education cycle. In addition, and because of the Syrian crisis, the Accelerated Learning Program for Syrian children, incorporates Arabic, Math, Sciences and English (the second shift). Although foreign language instruction is another major barrier to the educational inclusion of Syrian refugees, it is also a barrier for Syrians accessing decent employment within Lebanon, as Lebanese enterprises’ competitiveness suffers from “gaps in terms of the ability to perform in a team, foreign language skills, professional communication skills, and problem solving skills,” a World Bank 2012 reports concludes.

The training here described focuses on the learning of Basic English language.

English is the most used language among foreign language speakers. Throughout the world, when people with different languages come together, they commonly use English to communicate.  Knowing English will render the person bilingual and increases his/her employability chances, particularly in Lebanon.

The need for a Basic English Training was equally requested by several jobseekers of the IRC’s livelihoods center, and especially by employers who see it as a requirement in the market and not as an option.  Based on the above, this training is proposed for youth Lebanese residents and Syrian refugees living in the Akkar – Wadi Khaled region.


o   The Basic English training targets mainly absolute beginners in English who are considered as learners with no or very little English knowledge.

o   By the end of the 84 training hours, trainees should be able to:

·         Understand basic everyday expressions and short, simple texts.

·         Engage in simple oral and written communication to provide and obtain information.

·         Construct very basic and simple sentences.

·         Demonstrate limited control of essential grammatical structures.

o   The 15 participants will be organized in one training group equally divided between Lebanese and Syrian females.

o   The topics covered throughout the Training should include 3 main parts:

·         Make and respond to basic statements related to personal information:

–          Ask questions to find out about a limited range of personal information and classroom routines.

–          Use a limited range of basic words, phrases and sentences related to classroom objects, activities, and routines.

–          Respond to basic questions on classroom and daily routines

–          Use words and phrases to describe people and objects.

–          Contribute suitable words and phrases to pair, group, and whole class exchanges.

–          Take turns when speaking with others in a limited range of short, basic exchanges.

·         Express basic likes and dislikes:

–          Make basic statements which provide personal information on a limited range of general topics.

–          Ask questions to find out about an increasing range of personal information.

–          Describe basic present and past actions on a limited range of general and curricular topics.

–          Use basic vocabulary for a limited range of general and curricular topics.

–          Give short, basic descriptions of people and objects.

–          Contribute a growing range of suitable words, phrases and sentences during short pair, group, and whole-class exchanges.

–          Take turns when speaking with others in a growing range of short, basic exchanges.

–          Relate very short, basic stories and events on a limited range of general and curricular topics.

·         Provide basic information about themselves and others at discourse level on a range of general topics:

–          Ask questions to find out general information on a range of general and curricular topics.

–          Give an opinion at discourse level on an increasing range of general and curricular topics.

–          Respond, with limited flexibility, at both sentence and discourse level to unexpected comments on a range of general and curricular topics.

–          Organize talk at discourse level using appropriate connectors on a range of general and curricular topics.

–          Communicate meaning clearly at sentence and discourse level during pair, group, and whole-class exchanges.

–          Keep interaction going in longer exchanges on a range of general and curricular topics.

–          Relate some extended stories and events on a limited range of general and curricular topics.


The training should be delivered to 15 youth female trainees over a period of 8 consecutive weeks from September 2020 to November 2020 and over a period of 84 hours.

The training should be delivered within the Livelihoods Center in Wadi Khaled – Awade.


The contractor is expected to ensure the following:

o   Attend the entire contract period:

·         The Training would run over 4 days of the week, with 3,5 hours per day, in the morning or afternoon.

·         The trainer shall finalize the Training across a period of 8 weeks for a total of 84 hours.

o   Provide the trainees with handouts of the training material for distribution

o   Certification of graduation, based on attendance and learning (measured against pre and post-tests)

In addition to the above, the trainer is expected to take the below into consideration:

o   The beneficiaries’ drop-out is to be considered. For this reason, the Contractor must make sure that trainees meet the basic requirements to meaningfully engage in the training.

o   Training hours must be decided in consultation with interested beneficiaries to maximize attendance and avoid dropouts; based on previous experience, IRC anticipates that selected candidates will be available to attend the training during the morning and afternoon.

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