Requisition ID: req10230

Job Title: Storekeeper

Sector: Supply Chain

Employment Category: Regular

Employment Type: Full-Time

Open to Expatriates: No

Location: Kushet Embamadri, Ethiopia

Job Description

Reporting to Camp Manager, the Store Keeper person has the responsibility to ensure the overall care and maintenance of warehouse, to receive, store, manage inventories and assets, manage camp based vehicles, process small contracts of refreshment and labor related activities, and to keep the records up to date maintaining audit-compliant documents , report inventory and asset transactions regularly and other office equipment tracking and reporting in accordance with IRC warehouse management policy and procedures.


1. Proper Warehouse and Material Management:
•Understand, implement and / or maintain standard IRC inventory management policies and procedures
•Receives materials with cross reference of relevant source documents, inspecting their quality, quantity, expiry date, defects and the like. 
•Ensures that BIN cards are placed to each material separately, inventory data is properly and accurately recorded on the stock card, properly and orderly keeping of stock cards, materials are properly stacked, warehouse registry is used, well ventilated,has sufficient light, warehouse corridors are free of obstacles, the warehouses are regularly cleaned and tidy, makes convenient internal arrangements for physical counts and availability of warehouse equipment. 
•Timely returning waybills to Shire after receipt of materials.
•Arranges properly shelving materials at store & always being ready for sufficient space of material storage 
•Releases approved materials (in FIFO) with fulfilling all IRC documents, checks if the materials reach to beneficiaries and files the documents properly.
•Updates programs the delivered materials to store in order to use them on time, reports the old grant materials in store to all sectors to avoid old grant accumulation & repeat purchase of similar items.
•Ensure the safely loading and unloading of items in warehouse in cost and time effectiveness and efficiency. 
•Reporting the ware house transaction to program persons and camp manager accurately on weekly bases.
•Advises supervisor of potential inventory shortage in warehouse with a focus to determinant items.
•Ensure ahead preparation and delegation of staff before leaving for annual leave for the smooth functioning of supply chain activities.

2. Assets, equipment and furniture Management:
•Issues assets to IRC staff after sustaining the necessary documents and the authorized person’s approval.
•Tracks & updates issued, transferred assets, office equipment & furniture timely.
•Identifies functional & nonfunctional of Assets (status updating) to help the organization in taking managerial decision of disposing, donating or maintenance them.
•Insure the safety of assets in staff utilization and storage.
•Leveling of office equipment & furniture
•Registers assets in asset register book completely and updates immediately with transactions.

3.Vehicles and drivers management:
•Ensuring that vehicle policy is applied.
•Ensure vehicle movement in plan is exercised.
•Scheduling vehicle movement including SWAP is contented.
•Drivers work discipline is monitored.
•Monitor that drivers have all vehicle templates and utilizing them. 
•Efficient vehicle utilization is ensured.
•Accuracy of log sheets and fuel utilization is followed.
•Minor and scheduled maintenance is timely carried out.
•Ensure ahead of scheduled maintenance is requested with detail and neat descriptions.
•Driving speed limit is monitored.
•Ensure vehicle hand over is with the hand over template and with conscious remarks of the vehicle condition.
•Control drivers movement is as per their authorization time unless justifiable reason.
•Vehicle maintenance cost made is tracked.
•Equipping fuel, first Aid kit and tool kits for vehicles is ensured.
•Make sure vehicles are kept safely parking and clean.
•Refreshing and orientation is made on drivers to care on vehicle safety and on staff for proper utilization of the vehicles.
•Drivers’ annual Leave plan is monitored as per plan shared to HR/Admin.
•Driver for annual leave plan has to be shared to Shire Supply chain in advance of leaving.
•Replacement of drivers has to be requested ahead of two weeks with the annual leave plan.
•Preparing and submitting time sheet for drivers and temporary replacers before the dead line.

4.Compound security management:
•Strict compound guarding is followed as can ensure insure staff safety i.e., monitoring for intensive care to be  made in admission of visitors and vehicles, special attention to be made for office premises of  locks and secures after office hours, weekends and public holidays and Patrolling  of the offices/residences.
•Prepared monthly guarding schedule is practiced.
• Ensured of Material in and out from IRC compound is in the knowledge of supply chain
•Managing the safety & Security of IRC compound & properties.
•Strictly supervising of guards on their daily guarding as can prevent the loss of materials, damage of properties & assets. 
•Ensured watering plants and flowers are made by guards in the IRC compound.
•Guards’ annual Leave plan is monitored as per plan shared to HR/Admin.
•Preparing and submitting time sheet for guards and temporary replacers before the dead line

5.Management of small contract procurement and rendering program support:
•Timely rendering support to programs that require supply chain function.
•Briefing newly hired staff on the overall supply chain demanding support.
•Timely processing Purchase requests (PR) with cost effectiveness without compromising quality.
•Effecting completed services, refreshments and labor cost contracts after the confirmation by the program person neatly and submit to Finance timely. 
•Proper documentation of payment documents.
•Timely updating of procurement documents (PR) status.
• Non policy violence purchases of services are carried out.
•No delay of quality of services are delivered.
•Camp base price lists are presented to programs for PR raising.

6.  Mandatory reports to WH, Asset and Transport officer, CM and SC manager. 
•No delay of supply chain reports (vehicle, Asset, equipment and Furniture, asset movement, generator, warehouse) before the dead lines with accuracy.
•Readiness  and timely reports for Yearend Inventory counts and quarterly reports 
•Reporting the ware house transaction to program persons and camp manager accurately on weekly bases.
•Reporting old grant approaching materials in store to all sectors to avoid old grant accumulation & repeat purchase of similar items before the expiry of the grant.



 Diploma/BA degree in, Management Accounting, Material Management, Business Administration and other related fields.

 Two years of relevant work experience for diploma holders or one-year relevant work experience for BA degree holders or 6 months experience as an intern within the IRC (all work experiences should be progressive)
 NGO experience is a plus. 

 Basic computer knowledge (word excel and outlook). 
 Basic English in both spoken and written.  
 Good communication and interpersonal skills.
 Ability to work under pressure.

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