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Updated on 27 September 201877

TitleTypeGradeDuty StationSVN NumberDeadline
Protection OfficerProfessionalP2Erbil, Iraq2018_23107/10/2018
Procurement and Logistics Officer ProfessionalP2Khartoum Sudan2018_22208/10/2018
Resources Management Officer  ProfessionalP3Mogadishu Somalia2018_2233/10/2018
Head of Programmes ProfessionalP4Niamey Niger2018_21627/09/2018
Information and Data Analyst (Return and Reintegration)ProfessionalP2Geneva Switzerland2018_22007/10/2018
Project Manager (IBM)ProfessionalP3Ouagadougou Burkina Faso2018_2194/10/2018
Technical Secretariat Coordinator (SACM) ProfessionalP3Buenos Aires Argentina2018_21802/10/2018
Project Manager  ProfessionalP3Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire2018_17230/09/2018
Project ManagerProfessionalP4Bamako MaliIRC568227/09/2018

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  1. Immaculate atala

    Am I too late to apply for procurement n logistics mgt

    1. UNJobAid Admin

      Yes, you are late to apply as the deadline for applications was October 08.
      Keep your eye on our web page and FB page for any similar positions.
      If you have not LIKE our Facebook page then do so in order to stay updated for any position.

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