Global General Service Test (GGST)
Test Format

The GGST is a computer-based online assessment, administered in a proctored environment at United Nations Headquarters and Offices Away from Headquarters. The GGST assesses job-relevant abilities and core competencies through work-relevant scenarios and tasks.

There are three sections, each of which assesses a candidate’s ability to deal with a particular aspect of typical GS-related tasks:

  1. The verbal reasoning section, which assesses a candidate’s ability to work effectively with written communication such as reports and emails;
  2. The numerical reasoning section, which assesses a candidate’s ability to deal effectively with numerical data presented in the form charts and tables; and
  3. The situational judgment section, which assesses a candidate’s ability to deal with work-related scenarios in accordance with the UN Core values and Competencies.

Exam preparation

The GGST is a general ability test; therefore, no preparation is needed. However, you may find it helpful to do the following for each test part prior to your test:

Verbal ReasoningNumerical ReasoningSituational Judgment
Practice reading in the language in which you are going to take the test for the Verbal Reasoning section.Practice basic arithmetic skills such as calculating percentages and changes in percentages.Familiarise yourself with the United Nations Core Values and Competencies Framework.


View this video to learn the procedure and structure of the GGST.

Sample Tests

Please click on one of the United Nations official languages below to download a set of sample questions for the GGST.


Note that the sample questions are for the purpose of illustrating the types of questions that you will see in the actual test. The difficulty of the questions in the actual test may vary.

In addition, on your examination day before you start your actual test, you will have the opportunity to attempt a number of sample questions. The purpose of these questions is to give you a clearer indication of what you will be asked to do in the actual test. Your responses to the sample questions will not be scored, however, you will receive immediate feedback.

The United Nations has been made aware that for-profit companies are providing practice tests and other preparation materials for the GGST. The United Nations is not collaborating or partnering with such companies. The materials sold by such companies neither reflect the content of the GGST nor are supported or endorsed by the United Nations.

For any question, please check the Frequently Asked Questions page


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