FAO Job Openings
Updated on 26 September 2018

TitleTypeGradeDuty StationIRC NumberDeadline
Senior Policy Officer (Food Security And Nutrition)ProfessionalP5Chile, SantiagoIRC569726/9/2018
Senior Agricultural Officer (Team Leader)ProfessionalP5Italy, RomeIRC571927/9/2018
Senior Forestry Officer (Team Leader, FAO-EU FLEGT)ProjectP5Italy, RomeIRC57023/10/2018
Subregional Coordinator for the Caribbean, Subregional Office for the Caribbean (SLC)SeniorD-1 IRC57393/10/2018
Subregional Coordinator for North Africa, Subregional Office for North Africa (SNE)SeniorD-1Tunis, TunisiaIRC57403/10/2018
Subregional Coordinator for Mesoamerica, Subregional Office for Mesoamerica, SLMSeniorD-2Panama City, PanamaIRC57414/10/2018
Nutrition And Food Systems Officer (Food Losses And Waste)ProfessionalP4Italy, RomeIRC57628/10/2018
Assistant Director-General (ADG); Regional Representative for Africa (RAF)SeniorADGAccra, GhanaIRC57649/10/2018
Forestry Officer (Peatlands)ProjectP3Italy, RomeIRC568210/10/2018
Senior Fishery Officer ( Vessels/Fishing Operations)ProfessionalP5Italy, RomeIRC577912/10/2018
Agribusiness OfficerProfessionalP4Rome and various locationsIRC545712/10/2018
Senior Policy Officer (Rural Institutions, Services And Empowerment)ProfessionalP5Italy, RomeIRC569912/10/2018
Policy Officer (Environment And Climate Change)ProfessionalP4Chile, SantiagoIRC565615/10/2018
Livestock Development OfficerProfessionalP3Chile, SantiagoIRC576015/10/2018
Information Technology OfficerProfessionalP2Italy, RomeIRC578115/10/2018
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