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DRC Jobs – Middle East

PositionDepartmentWorkplaceApplication dueType of contract
IraqZummar Base/Nineveh10-11-2018National contract
LebanonBekaa15-11-2018National contract
LebanonNorth15-11-2018National contract
LebanonTripoli or Akkar15-11-2018National contract
IraqErbil Expatriate or national contract
IraqDiyala13-11-2018National contract
IraqZummar Base/Nineveh06-11-2018National contract
IraqErbil05-11-2018National contract
IraqKarbala11-11-2018National contract
SyriaHama10-11-2018National contract
SyriaHama10-11-2018National contract
YemenAden03-11-2018National contract
JordanAmman03-11-2018National contract
Middle East RegionAmman10-11-2018National contract
SyriaDamascus07-11-2018Expatriate or national contract
SyriaDamascus05-11-2018National contract
SyriaDamascus04-11-2018National contract
IraqErbil – Qayara04-11-2018National contract


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