Actually, the PHP can be written by anyone but no one can do it the same as an Ex-UN employee engrave it in the most effective way.

UN job applicants need the services of a professional PHP writer who has the experience in the United Nations recruitment system. 

We are adept in presenting your core competencies and accomplishments and creating a PHP document in a highly professional manner. We ensure our writing service makes you confident enough to submit your application to the UN.

We only cover vacancies that are connected to our professional expertise writers. For example, If there is vacancy for “Human Rights Officer” and our expertise writer in this field is not available, then we will not advertise it on our page.

Absolutely. We don’t sell any information to any third party like other companies do.

You have to check “Open Vacancies” page where we advertise the UN Job openings covered by us.

After we receive your order, we will send you an email explaining all the process.

The process take a maximum of four working days.

Yes, we do fill it on your behalf.

No, assessment exercises are conducted in strict confidence. We cannot assist in this and no one can. In fact, samples, manuals and related documents will be provided to you.

You can learn a lot about UN system by going to website.

Yes, we will provide you with all documentation that help you prepare for your assessment exercises.